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Welcome to the City of Downtown, home to the grand Autarch and his private military known as the Robine! 🎖
Join into the prestigious ranks of the Robine and keep the peace within this great nation, or turn heel and join the ever fighting Rosistance as they continue to plot in the shadows, to one day over throw the tyrannical rule of the Autarch. 🏴β€β˜ οΈ
Who's side will you choose?

🔫 Enlist as a member of the Robine (x2 Tokens!) :
βš”οΈ Adhere to the militants of the Rosistance:

This game is still in beta, meaning there will be bugs and issues that need resolving! Please post on the group wall if you find any errors that we can help with!

- Core is now restricted!
- New Nexus Exit!
- Bug fixes

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