Made All Most An Year Ago But Made It Active, It might say Made in 2017 or said some what close to it, It was a VERY fun game all u do is Fight with Swords and its in space, And go to spawn to spawn but currently to have fun invite your friends cause mostly there is barely anyone online, Because No Ads or Anything just luck, ALSO i would love if you told your friends to invite there friends just because i wanna give the most fun of all the games, But i am not good to be on top page so please support me to give the MOST fun and even tho you might think its lame just till me what is lame, I will listen to messages about my game, I do allow people prove they are not trolling and make this game even better, In 2017 and 2016 my Toolbox is not working so that's proof i did not use Free MODELS.

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