Rules and information can be found in the Twitter link below.

!rs [all] - Resets all the current stats on the leaderboard.
!startraid - Starts the raid.
!endraid - Ends the raid.
!skip / !skipphase - Skips the current phase you are in.

- The raid alert bot will trigger with 12 raiders minimum.
- Warhead makes use of HD Admin. Private Servers owner get "HeadAdmin". The prefix is ":"
- Press M to open the toggle menu.
- Make sure you set Defender/Hostile limits up before teaming people.
- Standard ratio is 3:4.
- Press V to cycle through preset cursors. The 4th cursor is your custom one.
- You will need an asset ID for your cursor. 

Warhead has been built by Happyoscar20 and scripted by FoxyMagi.


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