Tales from the Valley is a PVP Adventure game with colossal battles between factions over control of the map. Explore a huge game world and discover new weaponry, spells, and abilities along your journey!
Music by sulkaritari.

Major contributions from: Arekswolo (Map), Raguza (Map), Blotnik (Uniforms), HorrorTM (Map), sedrickthebold (Map)
Minor contributions from: minkle (Modelling), Nilvaat (Modelling), KerriNouveau (Modelling) 

Localisation by: Arekswolo (German), Andex (Spanish), Mijuei (Spanish), DeadNotBigSurprise (Br. Portuguese), Ponygamerbr (Br. Portuguese), Umbra_Crowspike (French), ExoGato (French), Girandata (French)

[Playable in English, Español, Br. Português, Deutsch, Français]


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