Latest Updates are:

- winter update
- new Game Portal

The Map is Purposely Made Harder so when you enter the real Map it will be Easier for You.
The Map Also Has Been Tested and is POSSIBLE to beat without Speed or other Players.
This Game's Purpose is to let people practice Blue Moon Map without needing to insert a Map ID since they are either too lazy or just can't find the ID or whatever reason.
This Game's Original Purpose was to help people come together and get better to beat Blue Moon Map since FE2CM (Flood Escape Community 2 Maps) Private Servers used to cost Money to play Multiplayer.
This is a Fan Remake Neither CrazyBlox or CrazyBlox Games were involved in this.

Next Updates or Updates That MIGHT come:

- fixing Sliding and Diving Buttons issue on mobile
- fixing a LOT of bugs
- console support


There are currently no running experiences.