This game is not easy. Designed for high end devices.
SLUMS is a crime city action role-playing game with two main sides: Police & Criminals. Start robberies, heists, and wars in this crime infested city or be the one to stop it. Take on jobs ranging from police officer to crime boss with many areas to explore!

💡 TIPS: 
🔘 Loot banks, jewelry stores, ATMs and safes for quick cash
🔘 If you are killed or arrested you will lose your weapons
🔘 Deposit wallet cash in an ATM to avoid dropping money

Dash - PC: Q / Xbox: Y | Sprint - PC: Left Shift / Xbox: L3
Reload - PC: R / Xbox: X | Crouch - PC: C / Xbox: DPad Down
Mouselock - PC: Left CTRL | Scope - PC: RBM / Xbox: LT

❌ Exploiting once will result in a permanent ban. No second chances.

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📜 Programmer: @VRYLLION
🔨 Builder: @mocrews1


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