Banned in this game? Try joining this Free Owner Admin Game: it is another game that you can wait in, and people who have ban commands in this game can't  ban you in that game unless they have the game pass exclusive to that game.

This gives you the highest rank possible in HD admin. You are allowed (Thanks for correcting me Albert) to abuse but if someone asks you to stop take it into consideration

To undo infinitely looped commands (;loopkill, ;loopfling, etc.) just use the command ;Re or ;Reset

Hope you have fun in Free Owner Admin (Abuse)!

Please do not abuse ban commands if you ever get them because some people reflect it on the game and think it is the creators/developers who are at fault for it. 

Thanks to the people who unban everyone! Do not ban all! 

This is like [Free Admin] but it is with owner admin.

Update Soon!
Custom Commands:
;Freecam (;unFreecam to undo it)
;Nuke (Dev Pass only)


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