💥 Welcome to Zombie Defence Tycoon 💥
🗝️Use the code "SHIELD" and LIKE the game for free cash!

🏗️ Build up your base and protect it from zombies by placing turrets. Become the best-equipped fighter against the apocalypse and other players! 🔫

Use code 15K!

Added Console Support
Just added a patch that fixed the cursor for UI when on the console

🐛 Keep in mind this game is currently not being focused for future updates and fixes right now. We're currently making our newest game. Expect bugs!

If you enjoyed the game, please leave a 👍 and favorite ⭐. It's completely free and you can always change your mind.

If vehicles fling you try lowering your graphics settings!
Also if your stuck on the default team or data lost try rejoining a different server.

🏘️ Join the group for 20,000 Money and future items and updates (You need to rejoin after) 🏘️
β˜‘οΈ!/about β˜‘οΈ

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