Welcome to Ratty!
A dangerous creature has broken lose from a science lab and is quickly going around the country and now it is your job to find it and contain it but beware because you never know where it's at and where it might trap you.

 📷 Special Thanks To The Youtubers "Glitch", "XdarzethX", "fusionzfoxy plays", "Slimy Piggy", "CCGamerBoy", "My PB and J Gaming", and "Odd Fox" For Playing My Game!

🚨 Shutdown = Update 🚨

👀 Updates won't be available in old servers, so a VIP server or waiting until the next day would be a recommended! 

📢 Thank you all for playing Ratty!

MiniToon - Inspiration
AlvinBlox - Piggy Kit & Tutorial Videos
Eyezox - Playtester, Skin Accessory Designs
UGC Creators - Skins and Decoration


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