-Added 3 new addons! [1 paid, 2 obtainable]
-Added 3 new badges
-Added 12 new community maps
-Added 18 new playermodels
-Added 15 new vehicles
-April Fools Egg Hunt event is now over...
-Small tweaks

LEFT CLICK- grab object
RIGHT CLICK /G - freeze object
C/Scroll up - move object further
X- move object closer
E- straighten object
R- rotate object

Ray's Mod is a remake of Garry's mod (aka Gmod). You can make a base out of props, drive (vr included!), spawn enemies, play gamemodes, play with friends and just do whatever you want! Including VR support! (working on making VR better)

Check out my old version:

Vehicles by SecondLogic
Gamepass & Badge icons by HappyDeppy
Plane by Crazyman32
VR System by Nexus


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