If there's no people on, do a favor and stay so people can play! 3 players minimum and please, invite your friends. It's fun.

🔥 Fight in randomly generated top-down 2D dungeons, use quick reflexes, and pray for RNG in this never-before seen Battle Royale Game. Skill is rarely needed here, luck will be! All you gotta do is play it like a thrilling board game. 🚀

Find spaces with sparkling blue particles to claim a weapon or item of sorts!

Dungeon Royale features a unique grid movement and turn-based attack system; use different melee and ranged weapons at your disposal to wreck havoc on your opponents and claim domination!
Customize your character with dozens of hats and skins!

🗺️ The map is COMPLETELY randomized! Fight in winding corridors and small rooms, or space out and gear up! The possibilities are endless.


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