Welcome to SKYWARS! ⚔️
Find yourself on a floating island where you can choose to mine ores, build your fortress, and battle your way until you are crowned victor of the sky! 

🏹 - Choose from a tons of weapons to fight your opponents!
⛏️ - Mine to collect blocks to build, and mine ore to collect Sky Coins!
🛡️ - Upgrade your armor to become the strongest in the sky!
👑 - Be the last one standing to claim your crown!

🕹️ Join our group to get FREE access to our GROUP-ONLY ISLAND!

Made by Bulk Games.

Tags: Sky, Wars, Battle, Skywars, Armor, Swords, Skins, Bows, Survival, Combat, Potions, PVP, Mining, Ore, Building, Blocks, Floating, Island


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