This game is discontinued, if you have a VR you should check out our new VR game!

Welcome To VR World!

If you have a VR headset join and have fun throwing, building, cooking, launching, and blending things!

Follow @TJim_Dev for sneak peaks and updates!

As far as I am aware this game supports all VR roblox supported headsets.
Please get in contact if you find any issues.

Amazing icon and models and thumbnail by BoxBloxes

Confirmed working headsets:
- All Rifts
- Dell Mixed Reality
- Oculus Quest
- Valve Index 

Recent Updates
Winter themed map
Added "Alberts" branded basketballs. (New servers only)
2.2 - Halloween decorations + new items and map
2.1 - Optimization, new playlist, and new turning
2.0 - Complete rebuild 
1.9.5 - Personal plane gamepass and bug fixes
1.9.4 - Torso and new settings
1.9.3 - Huge kitchen update + fixes


There are currently no running experiences.