Make music, skate, vibe with friends and explore amazing dance and party clubs!

🛹 🛹NEW SKATE BATTLE MODE - "CAPTURE THE RAMPS"! 🛹 🛹 Work with your team to capture the ramps in Skate High. The team with the most ramps WINS! Are you ready?? 🏁

🤡 Spray painting is here! Check out the new spray cans in the Lobby.
🏠 Build the club of your dreams.. with friends! Club Collab is here!!!
👗Fashion Shop Gamepass! Make, show and sell your own merch for $RB with mannequins!
👚 Create your own merch here!

💫 Make Music & Become a Famous Musician!
💫 Win against friends with DJ & Band Battles!
💫 Challenge your friends to Skate & Kart Races!
💫 Explore & build amazing UGC clubs!
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WARNING This game could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Player discretion is advised.


There are currently no running experiences.