Gfx studio place! 
This place is for making gfxs, and edit them!
New Shaders , NEW Poses!
Hope you enjoy the game!♥\

Donations update!!
Biggest Donator So Far: 
little_stef21 - 1500
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Credit list: 
LynnSKim- ~creator of the game & builder~
IcxnicXiann - builder & gfx maker
Fairyjhull, alxiela, Bvtterfliiq, Strxiiyyy, evxllz, Bratleeyy, SnowAnqel, vanillamoods, THEREALSUGERCUBE, xNOT_MATTx, xBunzyx, sxnfxowerr, f1euora, lil_chilli, Moon1ight_YT- Gfx rooms makers
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Gfx Icon Maker: @rosiebunni
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