Take on waves of horrifying zombies, use money earned to upgrade weapons! Features 5 classes to level, each with unique playstyles.

4/6/24 (v2.7):
- Massive update! Butcher, Darkwood map, and new wave system added to the game!

3/23/24 Update (v2.61):
- VSS, SKS, Thomps., Sten, Ruger Mini-14, Remington 870, and Claymore added!
- Balance changes to weapons across all classes to help buff the weaker classes and add more interesting purchasing decisions.

3/16/24 Update (v2.6):
- New procedural animation system for characters for more lifelike movement
- Reload & melee related bug fixes

3/10/24 Update:
- Voice customization
- Flashlight


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