🐷 Do you have what it takes to escape Gurty and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?
Collect keys and escape the building!

💀 New Sans x Gurty event, with new exclusive Sans skin! 💀

Type ":rejoin" in the chat if you've bought gamepass!

-New event
-Chapter 6 is LIVE!
-New Gurty merch, found in lobby

-Chapter 6 farm rework
-Chapter 7
-More skins

Join our roblox group to unlock special "Fan" chat tag:

🎮 Controls:
Pick up items / Use items / Open doors - Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile)
Crouch / Place trap - CTRL (Computer), Tap (Mobile)

📜 Alvin_Blox - Piggy Kit
📜 MiniToon - Piggy Game Idea

✨ FunTools - Lead Developer
🔨 Piznuts - Lobby and Map Maker
🔨 Z0LD1 - Skin Designer
🔨 Real_Nickeo - Additional Chapter 4 Maker

🛠️ Post in the group wall if you encountered bugs/errors 🛠️


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