Hello, Welcome to the game!
Notice: This game is pretty hefty on loading so depending on your internet connection and computer it may take a while to load.

I'd like to take this moment and fill everybody in on the features of the game that are not as noticeable as other features.
 These Features include but are not limited to:
-Sweeping: You can sweep any dirty spots with the broom tool in your inventory.
-Moping: You can mop any liquid stains with the mop in your inventory.
-Garbage: Garbage can be taken out of trash cans once full and trash bags can be removed from your inventory by tapping them on the dumpsters in the outdoors section of the map.
-Fuse Boxes: When you pull out a fuse in a fuse box it will disable the controlled shock in the area the fuse box is located in.
-Vents: There is a vent system in the map which you can crawl through (Make sure you use the button in the lower right portion of your screen to change the camera for vent crawling).

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