⚠️UPD: Hard Mode is now possible

🌴 Welcome to Obby Island!

🌍 Explore 10 Different Worlds!
🏃‍♂️ Over 500 Stages!
💰 Find Hidden Treasures!
💀 Defeat a Crazy Boss!
🔥Every World = 1+ Difficulty!

🏃‍♂️ Are you up for an adventure? Explore through old temples, crystal caves, busy cities, old pirate ships, amazing underwater depths, crazy roller coasters and even on top of a chefs stove!

💥 Beat the Obby to unlock new modes such as medium and hard mode. Once you change modes you will start back at stage 1. The obby will have extra kill bricks and obby parts!

🖥️ All Devices - Double Tap R to Respawn!

🎬 Produced by Foolzy!
📝 Coding by Zeumus!
🔨 Interface & Building by FrancoJ1119 & outfoxing!
🎵 Free Music by 8SlickMusic!
🖼️ Thumbnails by i5k!


There are currently no running experiences.