Try out our BRAND NEW Skate game where you can BUILD YOUR OWN SKATE PARK!

Welcome to Skate Park, the CLASSIC Roblox Skating experience!

🛹 SKATE & do amazing tricks!
💰 Earn credits to CUSTOMIZE your board!
💬 Chat & HANGOUT with friends!

👉 Follow @StarMarine614, @retro_mada, @doctr_oof and @trustmeimruski on Twitter for update news & more!

Tags: Skateboard, scooter, bike, skateboarding.

StarMarine614: Project Lead, Builder
Retro_Mada: Lead Developer
FriendlyBiscuit: UI, Programmer
Trustmeimrussian: Builder, modelling
basicvane: Builder
MrFlimFlam: Builder
Special thanks: Hlelo_wolrd, Unroot, J_kerrium, ScoobDaDon, Rezidy, DrKevin, Lineridermasterman, Yh8

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