The game were opened in July of 2020 year. 

This is a simple Roleplaying game based off Undertale by TobyFox.

Lowering your graphics quality is recommended.

Game is at development stage. Expect major bugs and unfinished/broken features.

I'm not adding any AU morph until i get the main characters done. That includes Disbelief and the Last Breath.
Don't ask for admin, please.

Shutdown = New update or a bug fix.

Recent Update (8/18)
- Added new weapons for Sans.
- Temporary removed weapons from Papyrus.
We're currently working on the Waterfall update, stay tuned!

MixVisione (me, yeah i changed the nickname) - Character modeling and  programming.
avagamer05 (builder & owner) - Most of the models, maps and other important stuff.
coolgal7858 - Custom decals. 
KellelAgain07 & DemonHunter4129 - Modeling.
Kieradaepicgamer, BloodyBoy1012 - Testing.

(У нас есть Дискорд сервер с каналами для русскоязычных пользователей.)

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