⛏️Welcome to Mineworld! You can-
🗺️ Explore the endless vast biome!
🏰 Make unique bases! 
⚔️ Battle with enemies and make friends along your adventure!
⚒️ Craft unique tools!
✨ The possibilities are endless!

🎁 Latest Update (V3.1):
- Changed Sound!
-Inventory Saving!
-Less lag!
-No stutter when walking!

🏦 Join our group below for a free name tag in game!!/about

🏷️ minerscraft minerscrafter mineverse craftverse admin tycoon bloxcraft майнкрафт obby roblox minersworld blockcraft minersverse roblox build rtx mineblox craft blox rocraft pixelblox smp minercave minecave miners cave block gaming minecraft voxelcave voxelcraft 🏷️


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