The 4 Seasons Gear Wars has most of the elements of the seasons...and you get to visit all 12 of the areas and battle one another in matches or in gear battle--OR you can just relax and walk.
Winter section--"Presents Town," "A Cold Winter Night Out," and "Snowmen's Lair"--All in a snowing environment!
Summer section--The Beach, Volcano, and "Harbor Dock"
Autumn section--Maple Tree with Falling Leaves, Halloween, and "Thanksgiving with Trollamon"
Spring section--Hiking, Waterfall, and a Giant Tree

Upon VIP gamepass purchase, you will receive a starter pack of the 4 season swords: Sword of the Autumnal Winds, Sword of the Winter Winds, Spring Sword of Growth, and Sword of the Summer Sun!
--Gamepass available at 1000 visits--


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