👑 Please leave a 👍 and you might get a gun in game! 

🦅 Welcome to Los Angeles, County Version 3! Here you can Rob, Run, Kill, and enjoy the gameplay

💬 Make sure to join our communications server to keep up on any future updates or information! .gg/frrc

🎖️  Join the group to start ranking up! You can attend trainings and become an Police Officer! The more you play, the higher you can rank up!

💸 You can purchase ranks to rank up even faster! Head to the rank center to redeem these ranks!

🚔 As you advance through LAPD ranks, you'll eventually host training and lead your own team! 
💥 Engage in intense shootouts 
💵 Make money, fight others, or form criminal factions, the possibilities are endless!

RP, roleplay, los angeles, los angeles county, realistic, police, guns, robbery, criminal

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There are currently no running experiences.