Venture into different dungeons as you upgrade your gear and tailor your build to your own playstyle! Defeat hoards of enemies and epic bosses to become the strongest Venturer in the world!

Join the Group for +10% Gold!

Attack - Left Click / Right Click
Rotate Camera - Middle Click
Lock Camera - Left Ctrl

See our Community Server's #📌-announcements channel to see information about the Beta! The game will be free upon full release.

DISCLAIMER: During the Beta, expect many things to be unfinished or buggy, and data will be wiped upon full release! We appreciate your help in helping us find issues and fine-tune Venture Tale! Everything is subject to change as we refine the experience.

Premium players will receive 20% more Ayagems with every purchase and have access to the Premium daily store. Any Ayagems you purchase during the Beta will be re-awarded upon full release, including any that you spend!


There are currently no running experiences.