👋Welcome to Blox Royale, a strategy game similar to Clash Royale and other Roblox Tower Defence games!
⚔️Fight others and place down troops to win the game and get rewards!
📦Unbox chests to get rare cards and loot!
🎉Upgrade your cards to make them even more powerful!

👍 [CODE "30k" - NEW SERVERS ONLY!] Make sure to like the game, new code at 50k likes!👍

🔥Roblox Premium users get 2x extra coins!
🔥Group members get 10% better chest luck!

🐦Follow us on twitter for sneak peeks and updates! @banana_rbx!
🖥️Blox Royale is fully translated to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Polish, Filipino, Greek, Chinese and more to come!

🎵 All music is copyright free, check out the OST on youtube!


There are currently no running experiences.