After 10 months of work I am proud to present my newest game 'Crazy Bank Heist Obby'. (This is a Remastered version of my old Bank Heist)

Built & Script by Martin5203
All of this game credits goes to Platinumfalls

This bank robbery is like no other. Make your way though crazy underground cities and battle your way though monsters. Explore ancient temples and find hidden treasure. This bank heist isn't exactly a walk in the park. The levels will get harder as you progress.

-All new lives system
-Collect all the ZO Blox coins for a reward
-Battle bosses
-Escape from prison
-Explore the land of the dead

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Tags: (Ignore) Obby Cartoony Fun Adventure Escape Motel Manager Sewer Get Eaten Evil Obby
[TAGS]: Obby, Cartoon-style, Fun, Adventure, Escape, Bakery, Survival, Challenge, Diner, Evil, Easy, Hard, Escape the Bakery Obby


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