✨ Previous Update v5.6a ✨
- VIP Exclusive stages are back! All previously VIP exclusive stages have now been made exclusive again & if you placed any VIP stages whilst they were free you get to keep them forever! 
- Added new "Obby Description" setting! This is displayed on a sign at the entrance of your obby!✍️
- Added lots of new Skyboxes & Obby Entrance Colours! 🎨
- Bug fixes  🐛

Welcome to Obby Maker! Build your own obby/cart ride and show it off to friends, family or other players! Compete against others in races to earn money, or upgrade your passive income so you can earn money faster while you're building. Earn XP while playing & level up to earn Gems which can be spent on Pets, Trails, Auras, and Exclusive Stages only available in the Item Shop. The possibilites are endless!

👥 Join the group to unlock the Group Reward Chest + other awesome perks!


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