To spawn Sirenhead two players must go to the woods past the pumpkin patch and light the candles!

ARMOR and LEVEL REWARDS! Plus, more hidden surprises!!!
Bomb the Castle! It's the name of the that's what you do to win!!
You pick your team so you can battle with or against your friends! 

How to play:
1. Blow up the other team's castle to get Brick points!
2. Get additional points by blasting
opponents and their knights.
3. Watch out for the dreaded Orc Knights, Sharks and Yeti!
4. Winning team gets more Bombing Tokens that 
can be used to get better weapons.
5. Become the King or Queen and get extra stuff!

Unlimited Classic Bombs
Orc Clubs
Master Swords
Potions of Levitation 
Potions of Harming
Rings of Fire
Invisible Land Mines
and the powerful and precise Sticky Bombs!

PREMIUM BENEFITS: Replenishes one of each weapon every round and speak peak at FireBalls!!


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