Welcome to Vancouver!
PLAY Vancouver V2:
Please follow the rules down here:

Do not flip your vehicle in a pursuit. [FRP]
Do not disrupt roleplay. [FRP]
Do not shoot a cop on the side of the road for no reason. [FRP]
Do not interfere with roleplay, such as killing EMS, killing people in an active hostage situation, etc. [IR]
Do not spawn kill. [SK]
Do not reset or leave to avoid arrest. [RTAA/LTAA]
Do not break the new life rule. [NLR]
Do not fail roleplay. [FRP]
Random death matching is prohibited. [RDM]

'/unmute' or '/e /unmute' to unmute all boomboxes.

Version 2 of Vancouver is currently in development.

Founded by Canuckman77.


There are currently no running experiences.