Adventure Hub is no longer being actively maintained, things may break after a while and new games won't be looked for nor added. If you want your game submited/updated/removed you can contact us directly.

Platformers are one of the greatest genres out there. Sadly, not only are there very few ones in the Roblox platform, but also in the market as a whole. That's why we made a place to help players find all their favorite platformers all in a single place. And who knows? You may even find games you didn't know before.

Disclaimer: This place was created for the sole purpose of showcasing and archiving the games shown in it. No profit is intended. All the assets you see in the game were either free to use, used under permission, obtained through roblox's API or made by us. If you want your game removed contact us and we will remove it.


There are currently no running experiences.