🚢 Welcome to Cruise Life, a floating paradise! 

🌊 Visit islands, roleplay, make friends, rent your own cabin, eat dozens of different foods and drinks, collect souvenirs, play games in the arcade, party in the club, watch a movie, explore the ship, and much more! 🌊

- 🏝️ New Samurai Island!
- 🚗 Car update & better mobile controls!
- 💎 Island Treasure is now easier to find!
- 🎣 Added Fishing! Fish on islands for cash!
- 🔊 Added Voice Chat!
- 👕 Added Layered Clothing to the Avatar Editor!

Previous Updates:
- 🏠 The Captain's Cabin is here! Rent it in the Captain Room!
- 💰 Instantly Become Rich with the New Luxury Pack Gamepass!
- 🎵 You can now play music from a list of songs with the DJ and Boombox gamepass!
- 👑 VIP players now get 2x cash from Island Events!
- 🐠 New Cabin: The Underwater Cabin! You can buy it with the Underwater Pack! It features your own arcade, party room, and more!


There are currently no running experiences.