Update February 12
Fixed the morphs. Been gone for a while and found out a lot of stuff broke like the music. No idea what to do about that atm sorry

Update November 5
Revamped Alphys's lab and the True Lab

Update October
Revamped MTT Resort, burger shop, and room leading to the Core.

Update October 23
Revamped level two and three of Hotland.
Next update will be the interior of the MTT Resort and possibly the interior of Alphys's lab.

Update October 17
Revamped the first area of Hotland. The other two areas will receive changes in the next update.

Update October 13
Revamped the entirety of the Core. Its appearance hasn't changed at all since its first creation and I disliked how bland was. It's not 100% complete at the moment, but it's finished enough to publish. Other areas of the game will receive graphical updates as well. Next will likely be Hotland.
(I also need to make new thumbnails... Haven't updated those in years)


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