Welcome Agent to the Unofficial 2020 Egg Hub! It might not be much, but we hope you enjoy it anyways! 

Explore the Agents of E.G.G.s HQ, complete objectives, and collect gear to help along the way in Adventure Mode. 

Or, if you want a quick way to get to game to game take up Collection Mode and get easy access to each game involved in the 2020 Egg Hunt! Thanks for stopping by! 

Thank you everyone who helped along the way:
Programmers: ROLVeDudeGuy, DevROLVe, ChillThrill709
Animator: Bluay
Builders: TCTully, Veesom
Extra Support: MarioDylan, Chewbecca
Badge + Game Icons: Younite, Nimbles
Special Thanks: The 2020 Game participants (All the devs involved! Almost all the showcases were made by their original Devs!)


There are currently no running experiences.