Status: OPEN!

Welcome to Sword Blox Online: Rebirth (SBO:R)!

Continuation of Sword Blox Online! This game takes place in the world of swords where thousands of players were trapped online and forced to compete in a death game that would end once all floors were completed. 

Current Event(s): Thanksgiving Day

Update logs:
->Final reset was Feb 2022
->Investible stat points
->All mobs now animated
->NPCs spawn as players come near
->NPC Patrolling (mobs & QuestGivers)
->Gamepass/Badge armor and headwear now level with player
->Two Event Floors
->Accessory Overlays


Menu - TAB, DPadUp, ButtonB, ButtonStart
Sprint - CTRL, LB-Button, LS-Button or Left Thumbstick
Equip -  Q, Y-Button
Block - E, LT-Button (when Equipped)
Skill - F, RB-Button (when Equipped)
Switch - Z, DPadDown
Interact - X, X-Button
Shift-Lock - SHIFT, DPadLeft
Attack - Left-MouseButton


There are currently no running experiences.