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1/18/2021 - New trailer by @ProfineRB
6/4/2020 - Swords from dead players no longer do damage.
6/3/2020 - Updated code for all swords/items. Fixed Windforce, Darkheart, and Ghostwalker. New effect for Touchstone. Ghostwalker now counts kills for you. Battle armor effect more obvious. Added new Status bar and sound effects!
5/13/2020 - You can no longer kill WoodReviewer
5/8/2020 - More attempted bug fixes with Jump Pads
5/6/2020 - Fixed idiot store bug on mobile where shop button draw on top of jump button. Sorry.
5/5/2020 - Fixed a lot of the worst bugs. Still needs some polish. If you find bugs, you can ping me on devforum or twitter.
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