New: Dungeon Obstacle Course
Explore the Dungeon, open treasure chests, overcome crazy obstacles, uncover the secrets, complete the scavenger hunt, achieve badges, have fun together.

Thanks for playing! Please like to help my game grow.
Next code at 300 👍

Previous, still working codes:
"ThanksForPlaying" 🎁: coins, powerups, and piñatas.

❗ Beware! There is a lot to figure out, just follow the tutorial and watch others to get the hang of it fast:
- 4 different resources need to be mined with 3 tools,
- Resources must be converted to coins and powerups,
- Vehicles and tools can be upgraded,
- Players compete against each other in vehicle races for coins, XP and fame,
+ there is the whole scavenge game mode with many unique challenges, where the final goal is gathering more resources.

See you in game. Have fun!


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