Thank you for 10 MILLION VISITS! That is an unfathomable amount of people who have enjoyed this game.

Welcome to The ROBLOX Plague 2! Where no one's safe from the infectious diseases that spread from bloxian to bloxian. Run, hide, or parkour from the infected players to survive & win!

Builders - Suhreen, Bethink, Ashtheking300
Scripter - EncodedLua
Interface Design - Bulvyte, Volttexx
Assistance - Suhreen, SoUpErHeRoW 

If you encounter any hackers or troublemakers in the game, contact any of the people below:
coolforlo(v).ato  (remove symbols)

Song credits:
Sorrow by Inova

Original game by NewFissy
Sound effects from Roblox and Freesound


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