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❕ During weekends we have 30% buff to XP, Materials and Yen along with discount on spins for yen.

👿 Welcome to Project Ghoul, it is a game inspired by the famous series, Tokyo Ghoul.

❔ Choose your path as a Ghoul, a humanoid species that are only able to feed on the flesh of humans and other ghouls. Or as CCG, a federal agency that serves as criminal investigator in cases connected to Ghoul and serves justice.

🎮 Controls 🎮
Left Mouse Button = Attack
F / Right Bumper = Block
E / Bottom DPad = Equip Quinque/Kagune
R / Right DPad = Kakuja
H / Left DPad = Arata Equip | Mask Equip
Ctrl / WW / Left Stick = Run
Q / Left Trigger = Dash
Skills = Z / Button X | X / Button Y | C / Button B [Go to "Menu" then "Controls."]

⚠️ Note: The game is still under development, we are adding more features and content in the future. things you see ingame right now, might be changed or removed.


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