Monster House: Reborn [Work In Progress]

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Development has started up once again. The game will once again be put into friends only so nothing is spoiled. I'm sorry that more of the map wasn't available during the time it was open. Think of it like a little sneak peak of what's to come. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! "You know how every block has a cranky old man that doesn't want you on his lawn? Nebbercracker ate those guys for breakfast - along with children, and dogs..and as rumor had it, his own #### But I found out those rumors weren't true. Nebbercracker wasn't a monster. His house was." [This game is in early development, and will not be open to the public until it is at least 50% completed. The exterior of the house is based 100% off the movie, while the interior is based on a mix of the movie, official video game, and my own desgins. Rooms seen in the movie will try to be as accurate as possible to the movie, but since there is only two rooms shown in the movie, most of it will be based off the vi

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