Explore the depths of this seemingly normal world. Find rare materials, and explore even deeper!
The real fun starts from 1km!
*This is a mining game, inspired from Azure Mines, Epic Mining 2, The Quarry, etc.

Tip: Upgrade Operation Depth whenever you can!
Recent updates:
28.1 overhauls the balancing of the game, as well as some map renovations!
28.0 adds quests, major changes to progression, and much more to explore!
27.0 refines and finishes up the Paradise, as well as the game's main content!
26.1 improves lots of quality of life aspects!
26.0 adds the Paradise!
25.0 adds the first post-2nd shift content: The Graveyard!
24.0 adds The Great Relics!

For detailed update logs, join our Community Server! Link below.
Ol_LuckEE - Current lead dev, Programming
the1oler - Game Foundations, Programming
oolle1 - Modeling, Balancing
tehboz978 - Balancing
TheGracefulHobo - Programming, worldgen optimizations
nWraith - Modeling, writing


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