Status: Awaiting Zone 7 Polls

Please play before siding with staffs opinions from 4 months ago

Heavily nerfed the distance between each pillar making the jumps much easier
Fixed a rare case making the boss sequence impossible to avoid taking damage
Added more time to the timers for the meteors (from 2 seconds to 6)
Added more indications so the boss is sightreadable upon first try
Nerfed a few inconsistent jumps at the ending obbies
Nerfed overall damage boss can do to you
Made the conveyor transition more sightreadable 

First Submission (Old Version)19
Second Submission (Revamp) 26.5
Third Submission (Revamp) 2/0
Forth Submission (Revamp) 2/0 
Fifth Submission (Revitalized) 2/0 (Currently in whitelist)

Founded by Ethan76167, with the help of Clloy and Jastreet

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