Get chased by Sanic with your friends on different kinds of maps and modes! Play 5 unique and fun modes. Team up with friends and evade Sanic together or become Sanic. Survive 5 nights from Sanic or fight the Sanic Infection.🏃

Upcoming update this February, keep playing !!! ⏳

- Classic: Run away from Sanic chasing after you
- Infection: Defend against the Sanic Infection or join to infect others
- Five Nights: Survive 5 nights against Sanic in a FNAF-like experience
- Boss Battle: Fight against the Sanics with friends
- Minigame: One player is a Sanic. Everyone else needs to solve puzzles to escape

We do not own any IPs used, credits belong to the original creators. Any references belonging to Sonic belong to SEGA.

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