Get chased by Sanic with your friends on different kinds of maps and modes! Play 5 unique and fun modes. Team up with friends and evade Sanic together or become Sanic. Survive 5 nights from Sanic or fight the Sanic Infection.🏃

- Chase: Run away from Sanic chasing after you
- Infection: Defend against the Sanic Infection or join to infect others
- Five Nights: Survive 5 nights against Sanic in a FNAF-like experience
- Boss Boss Battle: Fight against the Sanics with friends
- Minigame: One player is a Sanic. Everyone else needs to solve puzzles to escape

We do not own any IPs used, credits belong to the original creators. Any references belonging to Sonic belong to SEGA. Sanic is a meme based on Sonic owned by SEGA.

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