🚀 Survive a helicopter blasting different things at you, leveling up and earning coins each time you win!

- 1 New Boss (Robot) 🤖
- 4 New Attacks (Ice bomb, Black hole, Robot Egg, Railgun) 🚀
- 1 New Scifi Tower Map 🗺️
- Lobby Expansion :🌴
- New Locker and Shop! 🧳
- Camera Shake for more intense explosions 💥
- Heli Chance now increases 📈
- Lag Fixes 🛠️
- Bug Fixes 🐛

🐛 Notice this game is in Alpha, a few bugs are going on. Instead of disliking because of them report them in our group! 🦟

Premium Benefits: 
+1.25x Coin multiplier 💸
+Premium Chat tag 😎
+Premium Nametag 🏷️

🏘️ Join the group for benefits! 🏘️

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