Fluttershy invites you over to her house for a playdate, look around the house while Fluttershy walks you through! A great game for those who want a friendly peaceful game they can play!

I made this game for a joke. (I`m not a brony, I`m a Zombie!)

(1).Go to Fluttershy
(2).Go inside house
(3).Go to pictures on the wall
(4).Go to bed room, then exit when you want to
(5).Go to kitchen, then get the glass of water in the sink
(6).Go near the door, the door will open to leave
(7).Go to the main door and exit, get close to open it
(8).Go to outside fence gate, get back to Fluttershy
(9).Help Fluttershy out with a problem
(10). Enjoy the party room

Pressing play means you agree to the provided terms on my profile!


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