Watch Flamingo's video on the game!

The information about what Flamingo is doing is purely for entertainment and NOT REAL. The status and badges ARE real.

Welcome to Flamingo Status Tracker!
This game will tell you information about flamingo's status. This includes his online/ingame/offline status, and latest badges LIVE! 

You can click on mrflimflam's name to track some of the alt accounts I have listed. Feedback is always greatly appreciated, however certain things like "just find his game" aren't possible, and not allowed. You can provide feedback through the settings menu.

We are not associated with exploiters. Flamingo has given me permission to keep the game up, as he has said it's fine. If you are caught harassing or exploiting, you will be banned permanently. If you see someone breaking the rules, report them to me through the community server.

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