It's been one year since the release of Tower Heroes! Use the code: ONEYEAR_TH to get a free skin!

What's New?:
- Easter Event
- Bunny Returns
- Bunny attack Updated
- Easter Eggland Map (Updated Easter Island)
- Beetrice Hero (Made by BoxboiJakers)
- Honeycomb Heist Map (Made by BoxboiJakers)
- Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Booker Skin)
- Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Jester Egg Skin)
- Easter Skin Crate
- Easter Lobby
- New Easter Enemies and Bosses
- New Honeycomb Heist Enemies and Bosses
- Easter and Honeycomb Reward Skins
- Easter Mimic and Honeycomb Mimic
- Modifiers (Change up things in Casual Mode!)

- Added tutorial (Access it in the badges menu)

Scripter: Smellysuperfart (@SmellyRBX)
Builder and 3D Modeler: HiIoh (@Hiloh23)
Builder for some maps: Radical_Box (@RblxRadical)

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