What's New:
- Oddport Academy Crossover!
- Oddport Hero
- Oddport Academy Map
- Oddport Enemies and Boss
- Oddport Fairy Mimic
- New Lobby
- Updated Clothing Buying System
- Server Menu Board
- New Running and Jumping Animations (Made by Sniper)
- Stickers (Communicate with other players using awesome graphics of characters!)
- Series 1 Sticker Pack
- ???
- Brick Crate (Skins)
- Changed Percentages (Mythics are still the same percent don't worry)
- Balancing Changes

Mini Update:
- 4 New Modifiers (Position Swap, Cubes, Random Colors, Future)
- Help Other Players Daily Quest
- Kart Kid Temp Invincibility 
- Upgrade fences message is more noticeable now

Scripter: Smellysuperfart (@SmellyRBX)
Builder and 3D Modeler: HiIoh (@Hiloh23)
Music and Builder for some maps: Radical_Box (@RblxRadical)

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