Welcome, To Monorail Crash! This Game is a fun adventurous game, it's designed to act like a normal fun crash game, But an adventure, at the same time! The Monorail has forever been getting jammed at some points, well now, the monorail arrives 100% of ### ####### Officially fully fixed, enjoy playing:) Travel your way through the brilliant scenery on your monorail, and find yourself half way through your journy in havoc as the monorail tilts over a 436,873 stud drop waterfall cliff, You think it ends there? and you earn your points and badges? Heck no! You gotta survive the dreadful crash first!, that's it? No. You're lost in a closed in Jungle, Using clues find and get yourself out of there asap, into the atmosphere of the scenery ahead, and collect Monorail points and use the advanced gear to hangout in the gear room, chillout in the cafe, and more to do! this game you can do anything! Be Sure to visit again, your game saves! saving all your earned


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