Hello and welcome to the hard obby! Each color determines the amount of difficulty. Which means only few has made it in to the end can you make it? This obby is an impossible obby but still complete-able and can be done DATA SAVES!

July 12 2020: Removed :s command from adonis! and fixed owner issue.
July 06 2020: New difficulty after 3 months!
Jun 28 2020: 1 more level!
Jun 23 2020: 5 more levels by users! 
Jun 21 2020: 4 more level by users!
Jun 17 2020: 1 more level and fixed hacker issues
May 28 2020: 2 more levels
May 21 2020: 2 more levels!

Please like the game this took months to make. Me and my friends has made this game together! If you want to join are group its (The Obby Dev Studioz) on my profile. See you there! 

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